Kevin Dart's new Boing Boing T-shirt


We've got a new shirt in our fabulous series of Boing Boing artist series T-shirts. It's by illustrator Kevin Dart, the creator of Yuki 7. It's $16.95 in the Boing Boing Shop!

Boing Boing Ship

Demolish Serious Culture

Boing Boing Critter - Baby Snapsuit

Boing Boing Skullcap

Boing Boing Monkey

Boing Boing Skullcap - Baby Snapsuit

Boing Boing Beetle


Boing Boing Critter


  1. Love this one… BoingBoing is turning me into someone who wears black t-shirts. I guess I had no reason not to before, I just didn’t. I didn’t used to wear red either but I broke that ground last year when I got some red shoes. 

    Wearing the Demolish Serious Culture shirt with my second pair of red shoes (Toms which were ultimately much brighter than I could handle, I darkened them with black dye) was perhaps a bit much; a homeless lady in Toronto called me an asshole for my color choices.

    BoingBoing and Toronto’s homeless: driving forces of men’s fashion

  2. It’s pretty, and hopefully it’s just me being overly sensitive, but can somebody please convince me that it’s not bad to wear what looks like a periscope “gun-sight” aiming for a civilian-looking ship? Is it somehow different from a bomb-sight aimed at a civilian building, or a telescopic gun-sight aimed at a civilian person?

    1. I had a similar reaction. I don’t see why a periscope targeting display of a ship is cool, or worthy of emulation. I’m not saying it’s crass or inexcusable, but I’m a bit surprised, and more surprised at some of the frankly obnoxious responses to people asking about the significance of this image (say, the comment of SedanChair, above)

      One quibble: it is, you will note, not a civilian ship – it appears to have two guns forward and one aft, and I can’t see what else they could possibly be. I’m guessing it’s based on a WWII armed merchantman, or an antisubmarine warfare boat. But that’s a wild guess; I don’t know a lot about ships. Contra Antinous, it’s definitely a ship and not an oil rig; that much I am sure of.

      1. It seems I failed my Jane’s and I stand corrected. I saw the cranes of a freighter where others saw the guns. I’d be less conscious about wearing a shirt with a targeted battleship. I still don’t find it obvious that it is a dreadnought, but I must admit it seems I’m fairly alone in mistaking it for a merchantman.

    2. You should buy the shirt and draw a magical force field that protects the passengers!

  3. It’s far from a civilian ship, it’s like a Pre-Dreadnought battleship, something that would’ve fought at Tsushima.

      1.  Assuming it was based on the Dreadnought, it is definitely not a civilian ship.  There are clearly fore and aft guns, and I think I see the starboard guns under the central tower.  The caliber of the guns is drawn small compared to the picture provided by Radio Silence below.

    1. The only fishing boats I’m familiar with are the Alaska fleet based in Seattle, but this looks nothing like them. No place to put the nets, and no gear to handle them.

      1. Prawn trawler? I don’t know. It was a joke about piracy. It wasn’t my best work. And now David Ramirez has come up with exactly the same idea. I’d rather forget the whole thing ever happened.

    1.  I think you’re right.  That puts us in the position of Otto Weddigen, captain of the German U-29 on March 18, 1915.  We’re about to fire a torpedo at the Dreadnought and the HMS Neptune.  Our torpedo will do no damage and we will be rammed by the Dreadnaught.  There will be no German survivors.

  4. Any chance to get a BB shirt in a enviro-friendly model? The cotton in these Gildans is standard toxic faire. The art is awesome!

  5. Dear BB site administrators/BB advertising department:

    That perpetually annoying advert for the stupid “Demolish Serious Culture” T-shirt has been permanently stuck in my right-hand sidebar for what now seems like an eternity. I complained to Rob about it a couple of weeks ago, and it’s still there now. I almost feel like the character in ‘The Diamond Age’ who accidentally got a scrolling roach motel advert burned into his neural consciousness, but it’s not that bad, at least I do have the freedom of choice to not read Boing Boing, which really shouldn’t be the issue.

    Boing Boing’s content is always excellent, but the way the adverts are presented is sometimes frustratingly incompetent. You are trying to sell me products, and I happily accept this for access to your work, but just don’t make me hate you for doing it.. 

    Please for the love of God, put that Kevin Dart Battleship T-shirt in my sidebar right now. I might even buy it. I might not buy it, but at least I will respect you more..

    Thank you, swlabr.

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