LEGO Minifig ping pong and 1980s French cold wave

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BIPP: French Synth-Wave 1979/85 compiles cold wave and Casio-dominated robot music that emerged from the unholy matrimony of post-punk and the nascent electro-pop scene of Europe. Above, Act's "Ping Pong" as soundtrack for a video created by Smugg Knife.

"BIPPP: French Synth Wave 1979-85" (Amazon)

Smugg Knife Productions


    1. Fantastic work! I updated my post with a link to your site. Thanks for commenting.

    2.  “we have two…  formative competitives today”
      D-minus.  (“formative” and “competiteves” circled in red ink.)  see me after class.

      the track itself is gold, though.

  1. That is wonderful!
    Another wonderful Ping Pong related thing I’ve seen is this:

    A doc on the world’s over 80s Ping Pong champs.
    Oh, Ping pong….

  2. Seeing blacktron and m-tron minifigs in there made me pretty happy. That’s a pretty good collection of oldschool lego.

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