SpaceX Dragon scheduled to return to Earth Thu. May 31, 11:44 AM ET


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  1. JoshP says:

     Am I the only person who thinks that the Dragon looks a little, kinda like the white rubber tip on Grandpa’s walkin’ cane?   Still, those PICA-X heat shields I mean wow.  LOL, this is soo cool, I would sell the souls of my immediate family to be on one of those boats tomorrow.

    • pjcamp says:

       Sorry. Carried groceries up, garbage down. No humans involved.

      Which at least is an improvement on the Shuttle.

      • Jake0748 says:

        You know that the plan is to fit out the Dragon to haul up to 7 people in  to orbit, right? 

        • pjcamp says:

           Then it will become a bad idea. Robotic probes are better in space than humans will ever be. Among other things, they don’t need a billion dollar garbage scow.

          And in any case, without government contracts to go back and forth to the ISS, it has no profitable jobs to perform.

  2. alexb says:

    Is there any chance you could post the time in GMT as well for you international visitors? Most of us know our timezone relative to GMT.

    • Martín Argüello says:

      Pacific Timezone is GMT-7, while Eastern Timezone is GMT-4.

      In both cases (duh),  the webcast starts at 07:30(GMT). Adjust to your local timezone.

  3. royaltrux says:

    Is it re-useable or are they just practicing?

    • Andrew Singleton says:

      Read somewhere it has an expected lifetime of twenty missions. Dunno if the capsules can be swapped from unmanned to manned configurations on the fly but even if not we still have an improvement over the progress ferry in that this thing can carry things back down. 

      Sure this trip was for noncritical stuffs but that will change after a few moretrips. Has to prove reliability first.

  4. jimmygianmario says:

    the period of “wow, hello meow” … the bags break down, the system collapses … we are ready to order!

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