Fantasy settings populated by live ants

Russian photographer Andrey Pavlov builds miniature fantasy settings, designed to coax the ants he sets loose upon them to follow certain paths, bringing the scenes to life.

Антрей (Thanks, Derryl!)


    1. I’ve seen his work before. The ants are definitely alive. He uses multiple cameras and extensive post-processing to achieve these images. It seems like a lot of work, but the results are engaging and imaginative.

  1. “Save the Queen!”

    “Which one’s the Queen??”

    “I’m the Queen!” 

    “No, you’re not!”

    (The Simpsons)

  2. I have a way to make this easier.

    Kill the Ants!!!

    I step on them all the time and create no art.  No biggie.  

  3. Years ago, in a silent film series, Dennis James showed a wonderful Russian silent film short  that was a soap opera (adultery) featuring stop-motion of actual bugs. It was amazing, and really early.

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