Generate your own Malcolm Gladwell best-seller with this handy website is a source of high LOLs. (via @onthemedia)


  1. Best thing is that an automatic generator might handle facts better than Gladwell does himself.

    I went through Blink! and examined each example he used as well as all logical structures. It turns out that two of the examples were questionable, the rest were wrong or seriously misinterpreted/misrepresented. Also, the logic in the book supports exactly the opposite point to that which Gladwell wants to support. It really supports moving time intensive thinking and organising of information to a looong learning/training period, then making fast decisions sometimes works, yet not always in his example. And his interpretation of research is really, very interesting. Has nothing to do with the actual research.
    Turned me off reading any more of his stuff…
    (I read up on everything he referenced, read all research he referenced, went through all claims, and wrote a review).

    Automatic Gladwell generator indeed..

  2. Funny stuff… although, sorry to be a nitpicker, but isn’t this just displaying a random premade funny cover , rather than actually generating it?

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