Illinois state representative totally freaks out in epic "Let My People Go" tantrum (video)

I'm not sure what kind of lawmaker he is, but Illinois State Representative Mike Bost (R-Murphysboro) is, without a doubt, a source of high-quality viral video entertainment.

The tl;dr: according to various reports, he became upset when given 15 minutes to read, grok, then vote on a 200-page pension reform bill. Bost slings an angry rant while colleagues do their best to look bored.

At one point, Bost reappropriates a verse from the Bible, which is also a famous old African-American spiritual. He's pretty good, but he's no Paul Robeson.

Some context here. In Bost's defense, I get like that when a Starbucks barista makes my latte with the wrong kind of milk. (via Peter Serafinowicz)