Macabre coin-op automaton depicts a mortuary scene


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  1. souell says:

    It would be wonderful at Marvin’s Marvelous Mechanical Museum, where it could fit right in and be played by anyone:

  2. Jenny Lens says:

    I question it being circa 1900. The women’s hats, bobbed hair and coats suggest post WW1 going into the 1920′s. Now, I could be wrong… most women wore hats with bigger brims closer to the turn of the century. Few, if any, were bobbing their hair. 

    I saw this posted on dangerousminds, and comment there, as well as the auction site. Just a thought … 

  3. swankgd says:

    Reminds me of the execution one I saw at Musee Mecanique in San Francisco.  Here’s video from a similar one in Spain: 

  4. Bodhipaksa says:

    If you’re ever up in Edinburgh, Cory, check out the Museum of Childhood, where I remember being fascinated by the automaton of Sweeney Todd, the Demon Barber. I recall Todd slashing the throat of a customer, the body being dumped through a trapdoor, and the customer re-appearing in the form of a meat pie. All good, wholesome childhood fun.

  5. robuluz says:

    Dunno. Leaves me a little cold.

  6. If you like macabre automata I recommend checking out Thomas Kuntz.  It’s not historic or vintage but macabre it surely is.

  7. That really kills me…..

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