New York City mapped by rappers' origins

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  1. I’m shocked to see Lower Manhattan so under-represented. Are there no gritty hardscrabble gangstas growing up on the mean streets of the Financial District? More to the point, this also confirms that my Loisaida neighbors who rap noisily to themselves as they walk down the street are simply wannabes, and not incognito rap celebrities.

    1. All I listen to is Wall Street Gangster Rap.  Oh and a little Soho Gangster Rap thrown in too. I have my intern download new songs from the Apple Store while I’m over picking out a fine Chardonnay and a sack of mussels from Dean & Delucca.

      1.  Listen to some Action Bronson: “But I’m known to eat expensive lunches/From the farm right to the table/Aired straight right to the plate I doubt you could relate/Figs at the peak of their ripeness” & “About to cop the crib furnished/Wood burning brick oven shit with the furnace/Quattro formaggi/Big plate look like a lobster collage”

  2. How many of those names do you recognise could be a good test of something, but I’m not sure what. My score was 10.

    1. Maybe they’re just focusing on the five boroughs; no love for L.I. either (De La!).

  3. Interesting how Brooklyn essentially ends in Flatbush.  No rappers from Bensonhurst?

    1. MCA is from Brooklyn, he’s on there.  I know Ad-Rock is from Manhattan, I think Mike D too.

      1. Anyone who has listened to Licensed to Ill knows this, of course, because they mention that in several songs :)

  4. “I can’t stand how they try to put in Staten Island just off the tip of Manhattan, like if they’re pretending Jersey isn’t way closer.  I know it’s an inset, but still.”

    “I know, so awful but what do you expect from a place with the north-south grid thirty degrees off true north!”

    -New York rapped by mappers.

    1. “Ayo, JFK aint in Brooklyn, and this street grid like all wobbly n shit.”

      “Ease up bitch, ain’t no muhfuckin cartographer!  That shit freehand!”

      -New York mapped by rappers.

  5. OK, so I see someone’s name in Bayside. Seriously, a rapper from Bayside? Nope, he’s from South Jamaica along with 50 Cent, his name is just in the wrong place. Whew!

  6. I know that Tupac was born in Harlem, but  it sure seems odd to have what is pretty much the face of the West-coast side of the East-coast-West-coast hip-hop rivalry on that map.

  7. Yeah the problem with thinking so NYC-centric and chopping off the rest of Long Island like it’s a rotten limb is that you leave out icons like Rakim, Chuck D/Flava Flav, and De La Soul. Show some love for Strong Island!!

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