Sun god appeased in Manhattan

To this marvelous photo of something odd going on in Manhattan, Jane-Claire Quigley appends an explanation (of sorts). [Animal NY]


  1. I want to see a cage match between PETA supporters and druids at a sacrifice. Two marginalized groups duking it out.

  2. Can I put my money on the druids?

    -abs admits that’s more out of hope than any actual impressions of the groups in questions, but he can’t help it, ancient (once-defunct) religions that get re-incarnated by moderns just leave him tickled…..  (he’s still waiting for Mithraism and Isis worship to make comebacks, after those damn Christians stole their holidays they went downhill pretty badly)

    1. The comments below the picture for this article mention “Mitra” which I highly suspect is your friend “Mithras” by a different spelling :P
      There are plenty of Pagans who revere Isis these days. I am fine with that overall. I am not happy at the thought someone might rediscover the worship of Cybele however (entry into her Priesthood evidently required the candidate to cut off their own genitals with a knife. Yechh. Some things are best left un-recreated I suspect).

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