Bottle-Cap Blues: HOWTO open a beer with pretty much anything


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  1. skeptacally says:

    Cory, as a good Canuck, you know the seriousness of a “beer crime.”

    It is a travesty that so much sudsy goodness had to be wasted in the making of this video.

    I, for one, am shocked and appalled that this kind of beer wastage is not only allowed, but promoted by the otherwise responsible editorial staff of BoingBoing.

    • eraserhead666 says:

       Well, some of it was Corona, so it may not qualify as beer.

    • chf64 says:

      that video was about 90% ways not to open a bottle of beer and about 5% ways to open a beer you can never drink (broken bottle) and about 5% ways to successfully open a beer without a bottle opener.

  2. skeptacally says:

    Besides, every Canadian knows that the accepted method for opening a bottle without an opener is the Bic lighter.

  3. noahd says:

    They missed one:

  4. Samuel Valentine says:

    I was always jealous of my Dutch pals who could open two bottles of beer off one another simultaneously.

  5. Teller says:

    skep: Agree about the Bic, but there was a bong, so maybe the Bic was a given.

  6. nixiebunny says:

    When I was a wee lad visiting Mexico 40 years ago, I was intrigued by the bottles of Carta Blanca or some-such beer that had bottle-cap-shaped indentations molded into their bottoms, to help you twist off the cap of another bottle in the six-pack. 

    But I use my house key to pry up the edge of the cap, one bump at a time, until it comes off easily. It takes about 15 seconds. These blokes apparently didn’t have 15 seconds to waste, but they had a LOT of beer to waste.

  7. Jason Sutor says:

    These type of videos are what lead me to attempting to copy opening a wine bottle by cushioning it with my jacket and repeatedly ‘tapping’ the bottom against the wall to pop out the cork. Didn’t work. Actually it did work, the cork came out when the bottle shattered giving me minor cuts, cutting holes in my jacket and getting wine everywhere.

  8. mcducky says:

    I predict some of these guys have a Darwin Award in their future….

  9. atarifan2600 says:

    It looked like a perfectly enjoyable way to spend a wonderful summer afternoon, and consequences-be-damned with the spillage.  It wasn’t about the quality of the beverage-  it was all about the “hold my beer and watch THIS”.

    The ideas started to get better later in the afternoon, I could tell.

  10. Bear Naff says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I present Austin, Texas.

  11. Has anyone been able to crack a beer with an Arduino? I haven’t been able to…

  12. Bookburn says:

    Anyone else use their teeth?  It always seems to freak out whomever I’m drinking with, but I’ve never had a problem just biting, bending, and pulling the cap off.

    I was surprised that these guys weren’t Australian.

  13.  Not as good as opening a bottle of wine with a shoe, or a towel.

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