Gweek 053: Fitness for Geeks


4 Responses to “Gweek 053: Fitness for Geeks”

  1. one-ish word:   shovelglove.  Been on it for over a month now. kicks ass.  I have biceps now.

  2. Liam O'Shannessy says:

    The thing that’s really turned my fitness around is
    Levelling up, completing quests, competing in duels appeals to my inner RPG geek … and unlike a Diablo 3 session, actually good for you

  3. Charlie B says:

    I also have a science-based approach to fitness.  If I can kick your ass, I’m more fit than you.  If I’m not more fit than you, I need to exercise more.  The best exercises accomplish work – such as felling trees and reducing them to firewood, or rebuilding car engines, or masonry, etc. you get the idea.  This philosophy has been empirically shown to result in fitness and health in human beings.  And/Or, getting the snot kicked out of you.

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