Minecraft-themed wedding


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  1. Scott Reed says:

    The creeper in the background looks as though it’s the jealous crush that always wanted to get with Asia but never asked her out.  It’s waiting to sneak up on Matt when he’s not looking and explode.

  2. parfae says:

    What’s the seed for this world?

  3. beemoh says:

    If nothing else, at least his jacket seems happy in that second picture.

    • ocker3 says:

       Matt is one lucky, lucky bastard, and from his smile it looks like he knows it. Good, a guy fortunate enough to find, bond with and marry someone who shares core hobbies really needs to be aware of that and treasure it. *is so very jealous of his situation*

      I hope they successfully negotiate the progress to new games, and also have compatible opinions on the upgrade packs

  4. Guest says:

    “You can show black is white by argument,” said Filby, “but you will never convince me.”

  5. Mick Maus says:

    why god why would you do this

    • Mantissa128 says:

      I am a gigantic MC fan, but this… is weird.

      I plan on a Minecraft death. Lots and lots of TNT.

  6. Bob N Johnson says:

     Next step, creative mode ;)

  7. ChickieD says:

    I am not a fan of these themed weddings. They seem more like birthday parties to me than weddings.I think what they did was cute and nicely executed, but it overall it seems juvenile in a way that is not appropriate for a wedding – save it for the rehearsal dinner or do a little Minecraft themed bachelor/bachelorette party for the folks who will actually understand the video game references.. 

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