Wired's first issue (1993) plus 12,000 word oral history of Wired as a free iPad app


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  1. Stefan Jones says:

    Does it have the peeing baby ad?

  2. Nadreck says:

    “Free” after your wireless costs and the cost of the iPad.  What’s the matter with a PDF?

  3. beemoh says:

    “WIRED launched in the middle of advertising depression and many magazines hit stands without any paid advertisements at all.”

    Which seems to be a theme- a few people took the mickey out of the launch of Wired UK’s current incarnation for starting in the middle of a recession.

    • LikesTurtles says:

      Some of the early ads were for companies that didn’t appear to exist. I wonder if Wired made up ads just to make the magazine look like it had more appeal to advertisers than it actually did.

  4. Toxoplasma says:

    iPad only? wtf?

  5. LikesTurtles says:

    Hasn’t issue one been on the website for a long time? I parted with my complete collection (even west and east coast editions) of Wired magazines a couple of years ago because they were all online. The only use for them was to look cool on the bookshelf especially with a black light. Hope they haven’t turned off the website archives in favor of forcing everyone to access the collection through mobile device apps.

    As an aside: Wired peaked with the ‘Hacker Tourist’ issue. The article about transocean cables was one of the geekiest articles I’ve ever  read. Seriously, if you haven’t read it, it’s well worth your time to do so.

  6. I always thought the numbering of the issues as 1.1, 1.2 etc was just the same as loads of other magazines, which insist on calling issues “Volume 16 Issue 5″ which annoys me. When was it published?!

  7. Idon't Know says:

    I remember buying this in a grocery store.  Should have kept it.  Even though I have an iPad you have to wonder why it is iPad only.

  8. TheOmbudsman says:

    I’ve still got my copy of that first issue. I recall being slightly puzzled when I saw it and wondered “Why is the top of Bruce’s head on this magazine” as I’d met Sterling a couple of times in the previous couple of years.

  9. ewwendt says:

    Picked up my first issue of Wired with Neal Stephenson on the cover; massive issue, modern ones barely come close to half of it. Been reading it since, saving each issue (even if many of them weren’t worth keeping). Found a seller on craigslist offloading his entire collection and bought it all for cheap, so finally have every issue except the first, which sold out in a flash.

  10. John Maple says:

    Ha, I have this very issue – only – tucked away in my closet and I remember exactly where I bought it too.  Time has really brought change . . .

  11. MrScience says:

    I, too, have this issue (and nearly all of the rest0). I remember reading the article on cellphone hacking in High School, and being amazed that someone could publish it. I made sure to pick it up for years, and then got a subscription.

  12. Marco Kotrotsos says:

    I too have the first 5 in mint condition, sits on one of the more proud shelves in my room.

  13. Jenonymous says:

    I kept all of my issues until there were too damn many of them; now I have just the first 2 years or so.  I am a sucker for first issues of new magazines; I still have my Issue #1 in near-mint condition on my shelf.

    The magazine has had a lot of ups and downs.  After year 3 or so it went from a supercool mag with Bruce Sterling and Laurie Anderson on the cover to sensationalistic crapfest, and now it’s somewhere in between.  I read it on my iPad now; the irony is (when looking back at the old issues) just how off some of the predictions were.

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