"Chinese Giant Salamander," by Michael Hearst


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  1. totally80s says:

    It’s fun to watch people playing the theremin – they always look like they’re sprinkling Parmesan cheese on a plate of spaghetti! – on a different “note” I think Michael needs to work a little bit on his stage presence. He appears to be either very unhappy because he got dumped by his girlfriend or angry at his mom for tossing out his vintage Lawrence Welk LPs. Regardless, this would be fun music to roller skate drunk to. It seems like Michael put a lot of thought and effort into it!

  2. I took a video of my son and his friends catching a giant Japanese salamander, in Gujo Hachiman, Gifu Prefecture. It’s not a Chinese salamander, but, let’s be honest, they all look the same.


  3. “Chinese Giant Salamander”  I think I saw that movie.   Godzilla wins in the end…

  4. The cat was like, “I’m glad the fuck that’s over!”

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