Cow sex halts traffic

This weekend, state police in Pennsylvania State Police reported that cows "having relations in the road" brought traffic to a standstill near Kittanning, PA. "The bull rebuffed any notion of interruptus and police had to summon Pennsylvania Farm Bureau personnel," writes Jon Schmitz of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. (Photo via Sean Bonner)


  1. Welcome to India, circa 1989 my friends…

    Seriously though, I routinely have to slow down on my way to work (in a major metropolis, no less) when I cross a certain street, ’cause the water buffalo don’t respond to honks! I swear, this is true!

    1. United States – all of the violence and none of the sex that you might expect in a “civilized” nation. 

    1. The term cow is accepted as gender neutral for laypeople. Considering that in order to accurately call a female bovine a cow you need to know if it has given birth at least once (or twice depending on region) it seems reasonable to not be pedantic. It is fairly obvious though that the male in this equation was a bull and not a steer.

      1. It is less a question of being pedantic than finding all the possibilities in a text (whether intentional or not).

  2. The odd thing to me is that cow sex is usually a wham-bam-thank-you-ma’m sort of thing. How long were these cows blocking the road that authorities got involved, and called for backup?

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