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Over at our sponsor Intel's My Life Scoop site, I wrote about great online sources for music you can use for free in your own creations. From My Life Scoop:

Back in the pre-digital days of video creation, directors without the cash to commission original soundtracks to their films had to rely on library music. The folks who put together these massive libraries owned all the rights to the music outright, so it was easy to license recordings for creators to use in their films, TV, and radio pieces. A TV director would flip through his network's sound library records, pick the track, and then pay for the license. (In recent years, some outré 1960s and 1970s library music has become very collectible amongst a certain breed of vintage vinyl addicts.) Physical sound libraries, and their associated licensing fees, are still around, albeit in entirely digital form.

But thanks to Creative Commons, there's also an absolute goldmine online of fantastic, free music in myriad genres whose creators would like nothing more than for you to use in your own videos, podcasts, films, or remixes.

"Fantastic Sources for Free Soundtrack Music"

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  1. That videogame I stopped working on a while back might soon have a soundtrack and get some more love. Thanks, BB.

  2. When I do put together a video or audio project, I’ve always had a hard time finding decent free music for them. It’s a lot of scouring Jamendo and Magnatune and so forth. And what there is is, more often than not, pretentious warbling douchebaggery. It’s hard as hell to find a cohesive free work that suits a particular scene or topic.

    And forget about finding good instrumental (e.g. background) music that isn’t experimental or mopey. Those are few and far between.

  3. Wow…uh…this article links to a whole whopping 3 websites.   Not exactly comprehensive is it?  Anyway, a source I often use for free and CC licensed music is Newgrounds’ Audio Portal.  Just make sure you know the difference between the licenses. There is also FreePlay Music which is good for actual television producers but if you use their stuff on your personal Youtube video expect some nasty notices.

  4. One of my jobs is making animated films with kids- these are usually weird, short little things that require very expressive music, but need to be put together quickly and affordably. 

    This site is always my first stop.  A crazy amount of good, free music in all sorts of genres, courtesy of  mr. Kevin MacLeod. 
    I heart him. I really do. 

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