Harvey Pekar's last interview?

James Gill of Trick Coin says: "A month before Harvey Pekar died, Frank Young did a Skype interview with him for a series of articles Frank was writing about the creative processes of comic book creators. We think this may be the last interview that Harvey ever gave."

Harvey Pekar's Last Interview?


  1. That filled me with bummer. He was creating good stuff right to the end.

    I still have a few of his books in reserve, to read when I need a Harvey dose.

  2. Is there more of this? The audio just fades out after seven minutes and I would love to hear as much of it as possible. If someone would point me in the direction of a complete recording that would be awesome.

  3. About 20+ years ago I once randomly called up Harvey after looking him up in the phone book.  There was an odd item in one of his stories and I wanted to know why he included it.  He was nice enough to talk for awhile to a complete stranger.   I actually recorded the call and I keep trying to get motivated to digitize it, but listening to a youthful me makes me cringe too much to go near the tape.   Listening to this though kinda inspires me to take up the project again.

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