Harvey Pekar's last interview?


3 Responses to “Harvey Pekar's last interview?”

  1. Stefan Jones says:

    That filled me with bummer. He was creating good stuff right to the end.

    I still have a few of his books in reserve, to read when I need a Harvey dose.

  2. Is there more of this? The audio just fades out after seven minutes and I would love to hear as much of it as possible. If someone would point me in the direction of a complete recording that would be awesome.

  3. a says:

    About 20+ years ago I once randomly called up Harvey after looking him up in the phone book.  There was an odd item in one of his stories and I wanted to know why he included it.  He was nice enough to talk for awhile to a complete stranger.   I actually recorded the call and I keep trying to get motivated to digitize it, but listening to a youthful me makes me cringe too much to go near the tape.   Listening to this though kinda inspires me to take up the project again.

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