Google lawyer on Oracle victory: "People are treating patents like lottery tickets"


5 Responses to “Google lawyer on Oracle victory: "People are treating patents like lottery tickets"”

  1. nrbl says:

    LOL. The Google-Oracle case wasn’t majorly about patents. Its focus was Copyrights!

    • Shashwath T.R. says:

      I’ve been following this case with some interest…

      The really interesting thing about the propaganda is that it started off as being about patents, not copyright; it became about copyright only after all but one of the patents they were contesting were struck down. Then, they pushed the copyright claim, which was originally an addition to the patent charges, and which everyone knew were stupid anyway!

      I think they just got too deep in and couldn’t disengage gracefully…

  2. Thorzdad says:

    So, I’m assuming this means Google has no interest in using those Motorola patents it just acquired against anyone?

  3. The whole software patent thing is retarded, one example from the top of my head, the patents covering h.264 video encoding: (1700 patents) 

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