Railfest week in the UK


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  1. joe white says:

    Woe is me, I am bound to this infernal continent. Is there a history of “hobo monikers” in the UK?


    • Wreckrob8 says:

      Does some hoodie spraying their tag on a tube train count?
      Hobos as such never really existed in the UK with no vast distances to travel so no tradition of boxcar art ever evolved.

  2. Dylan O'Donnell says:

    1937? I’m no train nerd but that thing is sleek. It looks kind of retro-futuristic with beautiful sleek curves. PURDY 

    • Thorzdad says:

       Steamlining was quite the industrial-design rage throughout the 30′s. Many trains boasted similarly streamlined bodywork. You should note that the swoopy body panels are largely window-dressing. Pull them off and you’ll discover a bog-standard steam locomotive..

  3. Jason says:

    That 1937 steam train has perhaps the most beautiful train engine I’ve ever seen.

  4. LogrusZed says:

    In related news Anorak jackets are on sale.

  5. Christopher says:

    This brings back fond memories of staying at the French Lick resort in Indiana and riding an old train from French Lick all the way to Cuzco…Cuzco, Indiana, that is, not Peru.

    Anyway, I really want to ride all those trains with this track (pun intended) blasting the whole way:


  6. Stand back everybody, I’m going to talk interminably about trains.

    Bearing the name of her designer, Sir Nigel Gresley is one of the remaining LNER Class A4 Pacifics – the most famous being 4468 Mallard, holder of the world steam record at 126mph – and of the six of that class still extant, two are on your side of the Atlantic: 4496 Dwight D. Eisenhower is on display at the National Railroad Museum in Wisconsin and 4489 Dominion of Canada is exhibited at the Canadian Railway Museum.

    Flying Scotsman will also be on display at Railfest but unfortunately the £15m restoration project is taking longer than anticipated and she will not be in steam.

    Hopefully I’ll get up to York one day this week. If I do, I’ll be submitterating like a bastard. I’ll also try to send you some photographs.

  7. DominicSayers says:

    3,813 pictures of Class A4 locos: 

    And this is pretty fucking awesome too: http://youtu.be/q3NtLiZXLG4

  8. philipb says:

    The museum is geek heaven & includes a cut-away of a complete locomotive.  Some years ago I was in the cab of Sir Nigel & an elderly gentlemen introduced himself as one of the Firemen (Stoker) of the engine and produced photos showing him in his younger years doing just that.  I’m not sure if he was even an official part of the exhibit or just a guy who liked to share his history with interested parties, either way it was fantastic talking to him.

    BTW the air museum in Palm Springs has a B-17 with a couple of guys doing the same thing.   Worth the price of admission on it’s own.

    • Antinous / Moderator says:

      Watching Air Museum groupies is one of the best parts of the PS Air Museum. That and endless tape loops of Bob Hope USO shows.

  9. Don says:

    Some folks in the U.S.  can see steam locomotives operating in the wild.  Union Pacific keeps two of them running, and one can track their location in real time here: http://www.up.com/aboutup/special_trains/steam/trace.cfm 

  10. Brent Thorne says:

    The National Railway Museum in York is amazing.  My camera wasn’t well the day we visited but I picked a few images out for you.  Enjoy: http://fractalclockwork.blogspot.com/2012/06/trainspotting.html

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