Windows 8 breaks with past

Spotted by Screenshots of Despair and Joseph Kugelmass.


          1. Ah. My solution (Crash Plan) had minimal incremental cost, so it seemed just as easy to run it on all the machines rather than pick and choose.

          2. Skyrim in “extreme” graphics mode works flawlessly on Mac OS X on an i7 MBP.  Just use the fantastic Cider port found in the usual places.

            Then again, I’m mostly only a tourist who walks around checking out the scenery and avoids conflict except every now and then when I massacre townspeople and then attempt to escape the town afterwards (which is never successful).

    1. That being said, even when you get to keep “nothing” Microsoft claims Win8 will still stick all your old documents and stuff in a windows.old folder.

      Typical Microsoft Operating System way of doing things.  Say one thing, do another.  Will they ever learn basic GUI skills?

  1. Personally I like this new feature. All my previous Windows upgrades have never offered me this choice before. In the past I just lost everything, without even so much as a warning. Now I get the choice of losing everything. 

        1. This is because most software developers nowadays practice TDD: Tyler-driven development.

  2. Cool, now when people ask where their stuff is I can respond by asking if they clicked the “Nothing” box instead of asking if they allowed setup to format the drive.

    1. Finally? Wasn’t PainMaker Sade with Broken Windows released in like 1992?

      (At least that’s what Somerset Mau-Mau said.   I’m beginning to suspect that some of those Mondo 2000 articles might be somewhat less than perfectly reliable.)

  3.  what horrible ui choices, why have a single radio button with no other selectable options?  i can only *hope* they plan on adding more options to the final release.  this is classic ms at their worst.

  4. You ONLY get this screen when updating from consumer preview to release preview and you are warned several times prior to this screen. The reason it is an “option screen” if you will, is that other options appear when moving from win7 or win xp

  5. Ha ha a ah ha hahahh ouch my side I am still hoorawing. 

    That is just so funny. Even funnier when you consider…

    I was just thinking again about how Microsoft was so evil and ranting about them and then forgot my own rant (my rant was about how people forget the evil because it is so big and sneaks up and looks just like like idiocy too). In fact I posted as anonymous because I didn’t want some social network analyzer to find me to be antisocial or paranoid (even though the post was about how it is gauche to be paranoid)…

    …, and after having pleasantly forgotten my own post, which was caused by the discovery Microsoft had (unwittingly of course) signed the code for the most evil virus on the planet (Stuxnet) and said it was a silly mistake no er an inside job, or the NSA hacked us maybe, and we all believe them, well it was so huge I just forgot about it. Yup I did.

    And a day later, today, I was asked to go overseas and I was just thinking for some totally stupid brain-dead geeky reason, gee maybe I should take the opportunity to buy a small, light windows PC for my upcoming overseas trip (even though I absolutely love my aging but still awesome MacBook Pro, yes I was almost terminally dumb…) but here we go, this!  This totally hysterical reminder! 

    I mean not to be pushing it too much, but I posted about how Microsoft had blown way past ordinary definitions of corporate incompetence one could imagine, it was beyond any possible maliciousness or incompetence either, and is bravely forging beyond into the kind of galactic scale sidesplittingly humorous incompetence that typically in the Hitchikers’ Guide to the Galaxy series would cause a civilization to perish or a new dimension in time and space to be discovered. Well in my post I was a bit dark and unhappy since I suggested it was a flaw in the national character but that’s neither here nor there. And here we are, they did it again twice in two days! I mean wow. As performance art it is worthy of applause.

    Thank you. I just remembered I do *not* want to buy anything from Microsoft. I hope I can remember that until I get on the plane.

    1.  Mind you, this only affects people trying to upgrade between the prerelease versions. Going from 7 to 8 will work better.

  6. Ever notice how Windows effectively goes “Good, bad, good, bad”..

    Windows 3.11  (Good)
    Windows 95  (Bad)
    Windows 98 (Good.  After some patching of course)
    Windows ME( Bad)
    Windows XP  (Good)
    Windows Vista (Bad)
    Windows 7 (Good)
    Windows ( ???  PROFIT!)

    I’ll wait for Windows 9..

    1.  Kinda like Soviet leaders:

      Lenin (bald)
      Stalin (hair)
      Khruschev (bald)
      Brezhnev (hair)
      Andropov (bald)
      Chernenko (hair)
      Gorbachev (bald)

  7. A whole lot of windows’ “badness” stems from its one great goodness: backwards compatibility. But there comes a point in every OS’ life where it needs to say “OK, fuck it. BURN EVERYTHING. The paradigms we followed 30 years ago, they don’t apply any more. We need to get rid of them.”

    They did this in ’95, when windows was starting to creak. But they are well overdue for a change now. Other OSs, with more freedom to be dynamic, have outstripped them in many areas because of this.

    Unfortunately, they’ve grown to be a monolithically risk-averse company. Ballmer seems to be trying to reverse that a bit, which I feel is about the only way they can save themselves from a mobile-phone-company-like fall from grace.

  8. I am having trouble subscribing to the Windows hate these days.  I have a laptop and a desktop editing system running 7 and it works perfectly.  Really, flawlessly.  The only crash I have ever had was on a .00 piece of software, which got an upgrade the next day.

    I like the fact that windows are maximized by default – I can’t stand the way Macs waste all that screen real estate.  And I like the fixed taskbar on the left side – it’s much faster to get at things when you don’t have some hiding/resizing/whirlygig widget to get at your programs – and it’s way easier to see what you have open.

    Anyway, if 8 is one of the bad releases (I never did do Vista), I’ll just stay with 7.  I’m not sure what the hell else an OS is supposed to do.

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