First portal passed in Ready Player One DeLorean contest!

That was fast! It looks like Tom B has passed the first of three portals on his way to winning a restored DeLorean in the Ready Player One competition. To find out more, listen to today's Gweek podcast.


  1. Wait, didn’t Ernie say each successive game would contain an “easter egg?”  Finishing the game does not an easter egg make…

      1. Any hints? I found all the puzzle pieces, got the “Clever Gunter” message, collected all powerups, and found three hidden rooms. Still no QR code.

          1.  Finally got it. A lot of red herrings in there. Of course, it was in a place I’d already looked, just not in the correct order.

  2. It took me a while to find the QR code after completing the puzzle, but I eventually got it. Although I kind of wish that there was a leaderboard, so I could see how many people got there before I did.  I did love wandering around the Stacks after winning – if only to see the credits. Here’s my crappy picture of the credits screen – “By Ernie, Mike, Kevin” –

    1. Yes I liked finding the credits on my way to finding the QR code.  Of course I felt totally stupid after finding it decoding it to find where it sent me.

      August 1st is going to be 1 helluva race.

  3. Was anyone else disappointed by the book’s ending? Most of it was really compelling, but the end almost read like Cline allowed a lesser author to step in and polish it off.

    Nevertheless, cool twist with the Easter eggs; maybe they’ll provide the finishing stitches to the story.

  4. Found qr code last night…had a blast in the stacks…July 1st can’t get here fast enough. Tom B., I clocked out of the first gate at 8:14 pm. I think you might have been first. Good luck!

  5. I had a hell of a good time getting to gate two.  I did WAY too much work analyzing the book’s text before actually finding the needed clue…I can only hope that work will come in handy later.

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