Like “Kardashians,” but dumber: Gay-hating Evangelical gun nut ‘reality’ TV

Richard Metzger at Dangerous Minds introduces us to Call of the Giles, which he describes as a "gun-totin’, Bible-quotin’, homo-hatin’, and obviously over-compensating for sumpthin’ macho, macho man douchebag Doug Giles and his “kickass” Christian family’s low-brow version of Keeping Up With the Kardashians."


    1. When discussing the antics of attention whores, there’s really no lower bound on the vulgarities that are possible. It’s all just a matter of creativity.

  1. Countdown until he’s caught out on his knees in a public toilet… 5 … 4… 3…

    1. I watched this other clip of him on youtube where he actually says: “Lord, we really want to put a deep, gaping wound in Satan’s haggard backside.”

      I’ll leave that to the subtler Freudians to unpack.

  2. You think they are something, you should see the Eastern Oregon ranching family that claimed Jim Morrison is alive and well and working on their ranch.

  3. So this inane crap is broadcasting in the same country where Walker wasn’t recalled because he spent enough money to misinform more voters than the informed voters?

    No surprise here.

    1. The Romans had their bread and circuses, we have our cheese curds and reality shows.

        1. My friends and acquaintances used to tell me that the USA was Rome all over again…  I really am starting to believe them, unfortunately.

          1. Yup.
            Great stupidly long podcast series about the fall.

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          3. I wish that there was a way around the Reply limit versus One-Word-Wide Comment dilemma.

          4. @Antinous_Moderator:disqus There is a solution for that, although it’s a bit ugly.

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          5. We’re bound by whatever Disqus thinks is appropriate. When I turned on nesting, it didn’t occur to me that it would be this cack-handed.

  4. I don’t know if it should be legal for a father to suggest he pumped his daughters full of testosterone.

    Also the mother calls her daughters ‘easy’.

  5. Is memorizing Fox’s talking points required these days?  They don’t seem to have an original thought in their minds, just regurgitating the same adjective+noun verbal vomit everyone else does.

    Can’t one of these haters at least be creative in some way?  Same old, same old.  If we’re going to go the way of Rome, at least I want to go out with a bang, not a whimper.

    (I know, I know….they’re hoping for both the bang and the whimper.  Read into that what you will.)

    1. Creativity is held in deep suspicion by these goons, unless it’s a new and novel way to humiliate or assault somebody they don’t like.  Creativity smacks of THINKIN’ and alla that sinful stuff, and having a thought of your own, different from those of the group, makes them moo and mill around and roll their eyes in mounting terror.

  6. “We dig our country the way it was originally constituted.”

    So, with people owning slaves and women not allowed to vote?

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