Orly Taitz, "birther movement" queen, runs excellent self-produced ad for US Senate campaign (video)

In a series of self-produced internet ads for the California senate campaign of prominent "birther" Orly Taitz: "Anyone who knows Dr. Orly Taitz knows she has no 'off' switch. She's like the Energizer bunny on steroids, and she's ready to rid California of its corruption and drain this swamp once and for all." They add up to one of the finest bodies of 'outsider' performance art ever.


  1. I like “depravations of Constitutional Rights”. But, you know, the rest of it is a bizarre mix between: “Orly Taitz is totally the wrong person for this job,” and, “God, do we need someone other than our current Senators.”

  2. I’m an imaginary person who uses drugs.
    Thats what I got from the energizer bunny steroids thing.

  3.  At first I enjoyed laughing at this woman and her birther antics, but now I’m  feeling slightly guilty about making fun of someone who is obviously mentally ill.

  4. Too bad her political career can’t go all the way to the top since only American-born citizens can  be president and we haven’t passed the 61st Amendment (or enhanced our calm) yet.

  5. I’m about to head out the door to my polling place in CA.  I toyed with the thought of giving her my vote as an act of subversion.  But I could never admit to myself or loved ones that I voted for her.  So Feinstein it is.

    1. ” So Feinstein it is.”
      I don’t know.  I think I’ll take nuts over completely corrupt.  At least Orly could accidently do the right thing.  LOL!  It could happen.  :)

    2. California has a new “top two combined primary” system, where instead of each party picking its candidates through primaries or caucuses and entering the winner in the general election, all the candidates are in a combined primary and only the top two vote-getters are in the general election.   This means that third-party and independent candidates are unlikely to get into the general election, but if one party dominates a district, there’s likely to be a runoff between the top two candidates from that party which everybody gets to vote in, so the more moderate candidate is more likely to win.

      For Senate, there are six Democrats running, 14 Republicans, 2 Peace&Freedom, a Libertarian, an American Independent Party candidate, and no Green.  None of the heavyweight Republicans wanted to run against incumbent Dianne Feinstein, but there are a couple of middleweights and a bunch of lightweights and kooks like Taitz, most of whom paid a $3480 filing fee in lieu of getting signatures.   In a traditional system, many of the lightweight Democrats and Republicans would have been on their own party’s primary, lost, and not shown up in the fall.   DiFi got 49% of the vote, Elizabeth Emken (middleweight R) got 12%, Orly Taitz got 3% (4th place among Rs, 5th overall.)

  6. The strongest, most immediate reaction that hit me was empathy for the poor niece, or brother in law, or kid down the street who got roped into doing those graphics.  That 20th century fox logo?  Clearly the work of a high school kid who got volunteered by their parents.

    Also, she should consider laying off the cigarettes and white wine breakfast during audio sessions.

  7. For some reason, she reminds me of Boom Boom Geoffrion. Maybe its because as a Flames broadcaster, the more excited he got the more incoherent he got.

  8. “Depravation?”

    Are you sure you didn’t lose a letter “n” in her last name?

    That, by the way, is not her doing the narration. Compare voices:

  9. “In a series of self-produced and narrated internet ads for her California senate campaign, Orly Taitz praises herself in the third person…”

    Correction: unless Dr. Taitz underwent a radical accentectomy, that is not her voice narrating the ad.

  10. Wow that one is buck wild crazy pants. 

    Tea Party? 

    I ask because I can imagine Taitz sitting around a table pouring imaginary tea for people she’d dug up and attempted to reanimate because she heard them agreeing with her through 6 feet of earth and she really needs the votes.

  11. Has anybody called 20th Century Fox to see if they want to send a little infringement takedown notice for that searchlight logo? I mean, not that I would ever advocate politically motivated takedowns, but…

  12. I can’t take someone seriously who can’t afford to splurge on at least a 10 dollar microphone.

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