Radiation is like an angry wife

A public info campaign in Japan compared radiation to a nagging wife. Apologies have been made. Reuters' Miki Kayaoka:

The Japanese Atomic Energy Agency devoted a page on its website to an effort to "make the hard words used in the nuclear power industry" more easy to understand, particularly for women. The page, which included a cartoon of an angry, fist-waving wife and her cowering husband, compared the wife's yell to radiation. It continued the metaphor by saying that the women's increasing agitation could be compared to "radioactivity", while claiming the wife herself was comparable to "radioactive material".


  1. But what it you’re female and don’t have a wife? Less than half the population has a wife, so who is this for?

    1. The obvious solution is to meet the right woman and move to where it’s legal to marry.

      The campaign is for people in Japan.

    1. Yes, 1950s man – like a woman, the atomic bomb can produce warmth and light, but if you get too close, she will give you leukemia.

  2. [CAPTION] “One of these days Asako, Oooone of these dayyyysss. BAM! POW! Right to the moon! Where you can help the white rabbit god pound rice!”

    *canned laughter*

  3. Hope the Atomic Energy Association managed to cool the situation down before it went nuclear.

  4. It looks like the Japanese Atomic Energy Agency is getting ready for a divorce from radiation.

  5. Are you sure that’s the actual image?  I can’t find it on Google image search or TinEye.  Even stranger is I read this was created by a team of six women.  More info please.

  6. Well, I have a Japanese wife – and after I showed her this we both decided that we are less concerned about “won’t someone please think of women’s feelings boo hoo hoo” and more concerned about “nuclear goddamn holocaust afoot while government does nothing but abdicate responsibility.”

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