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The Glasgow Ice Cream Wars lasted for years and ultimately took the lives of six people. The subsequent court case took two decades to resolve. (Via Danny Mears)


  1. At the same time that these events were happening (1984), a movie called Comfort and Joy was released. Written and directed by Bill Forsyth, it was all about a war between two ice-cream truck families in Glasgow over turf.  Coincidence? You be the judge! (It did get 100% fresh on the tomatometer, though.)

    1.  Thanks for post – I was wondering what connection there was between this and the movie. Strangely, the wikipedia entry doesn’t mention Comfort and Joy at all. Seems like it’s worthy of a footnote and a link, at least.

      “Find out if there’s a sanity clause!”

  2. Ah, good’ol Glasgow’toon.  Scottish thugs are widely feared throughout the UK and, as is the opinion with the Russian gangs, it is often thought that they could rule the underworld if only they’d stop killing each other long enough to set up a proper criminal enterprise.

    As per the “Man From U.N.C.L.E.” episode “The Suburban Affair” and  “Run Buddy, Run!” there’s a lot you can do with a fleet of criminal ice-cream trucks.  Just put  a few special blackjack and hand-grenade bars in the back.  And don’t forget the closed-circuit TV hookup to the National Crime Syndicate!

  3. When I was a student in Middlesbrough in the late 90s the tune my local ice cream van played was The Godfather Theme. I always thought that was a bit odd, maybe they were really a front for the mob!? :D

    1. One of the surreal things about visiting Taiwan is that the garbage trucks play what would be the ice-cream truck song in North America.  Little kids all run out to the trucks when they hear it too: with the household garbage bags.  In a tropical climate it’s best to get rid of the trash every day before it attracts insects which attract lizards and so on.

    2. Should I eat icecream from a truck that plays requiem for a dream? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L_ckPth9pPM

    3.  In Leeds the vans would play one tune when they were selling ice cream, and another when they were selling drugs, or at least that’s the story I heard.

  4. I personally worry about android human impersonator gangs, being run from ice cream trucks. Oh Rudy Rucker, you silly guy you.

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