Retina display laptops expected at WWDC

It is the dumbest week of the year to buy a new Mac. [Ars]


  1. That may not be the case. I bought a refurbished Mac desktop a couple of years ago, and the next day they introduced a new model and dropped prices. I called to inquire, but they had already shaved an additional $600 off my purchase between the time I ordered and the time it arrived. 

        1. Who honestly buys Mac Pros? If you want to make a price-gouging argument, try and do it for stuff that the majority of Apple’s customers buy. Then we can have a meaningful discussion about whether or not such a purchase is worth it.

  2. Actually doesn’t the article say:

    We wrote in April that the MacBook Pro line might go quad-core with the first wave of Ivy Bridge processors, and it’s widely believed that both the MacBook Air line and the MacBook Pro line could see display updates to bring their pixels-per-inch up to ” retina” level.

    So not so much the quality of a retina display, as simply the pixel density…

      1. Depends who you ask. Some say it’s more of a visual quality at X distance, so higher resolutions for devices you hold closer to your face and lower resolutions for monitors or TVs.

        1. Considering Apple came up with the marketing phrase, I think it’s within their right to define. And their definition is, high enough pixel density, at average viewing distance, that most people cannot differentiate individual pixels. This means different DPI displays qualify, depending on how far from the eye they tend to be used. Thus, a computer display can have lower DPI than a phone or tablet display, and still qualify, given that computer screens tend to be further away from the viewer than mobile devices.

  3. I’ve never bought a just-announced Mac before, so this might be a dumb question, but how long after they’re announced do new Macs typically come out? Is it one of those immediate things? Would love a new laptop for end of June. 

    1. It’s typically a week or so – because once they announce, people will stop buying the out-of-date products. If anything is announced at WWDC, you should be able to get your hands on it before the end of June. (unless they announce a far-away release date)

  4. If Apple really does this, I think we can all lay to rest the stupid fears/rumors that they’re planning on abandoning the professional market.  With a ridiculously high resolution on a 17 in. laptop, I’ll be able to view far more windows at once while I’m working mobile and don’t want to lug around an extra monitor.  And, it’ll all be sharp as hell (easy on the eyes) to boot.

    If you can’t see the value in seeing multiple windows at once while on the road, then you’re probably not a mobile professional.

    Yeah, @boingboing-924fecb384bc32c5cfdbde1cef1f7b8d:disqus …  I’ll feel incredibly dumb doing laps around your tepid workflow.

  5. The dumbest week of year to buy a Mac is actually four weeks prior to an event that Mac launches are widely expected at. And within four weeks, it’s well known.

    Anything closer, and you can return it, and exchange it for the new model.

    Also, this is good timing for me – I’ve been stuck on a 5 year old platform (a ThinkPad T60 chassis with a T61p motherboard and a 2048×1536 IPS LCD) because I refuse to downgrade on the display. Hopefully this is IPS, though.

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