Scalzi's Redshirts: existentialist comedy space opera


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  1. Simon Cohen says:

    Very excited to read this. Scalzi is more addictive than bath salts.

  2. Gbaji says:

    “Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Disintegrated”

  3. Astragali says:

    I would love to get both the print version, and the audiobook (read by Wil Wheaton, no less). Perhaps one day…

  4. RedShirt77 says:

     We are not just intergalactic cannon fodder!

  5. Sean Murphy says:

    There’s even a Jonathan Coulton song written specifically for the novel!

  6. No Kindle version in the UK till 15 November 2012? No DRM but Amazon enforced artificial scarcity?

    • Mickey_disqus says:

      I wonder how the net-savvy readers of BoingBoing, familiar as they are with the world of (illegal) file-sharing, will react to that…

  7. privatedick says:

    After much thought I bought the dead tree version. You know, so I can LEND IT TO WHOEVER THE HELL I WANT.

  8. Chuck says:

    I keep reading that TOR books is going DRM-free.  When is this happening? All I can find is Redshirts on Kindle or Kobo.

  9. Karen Davis says:

    The book is DRM free regardless of where you buy it – now. A few vendors didn’t get the memo, but TOR has arranged a replacement copy for anyone who got a DRM’d one. See Whatever for details.

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