Bosch-like paintings from Michael Hutter


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  1. John Smith says:

    The art looks more like Martin Handford than Hieronymus Bosch.

  2. jhavatar says:

    In before “NSFW!!1!”.

  3. awjt says:

    Looks like just another day around here.

  4. machinelf says:

    Great stuff. Would love to have a tarot deck using his artwork.

  5. sarahnocal says:

    Lots of naked wimmin, not one naked man. -5

  6. Drabula says:

    Yeah, not Bosch-like. Odd creatures or general weirdness do not a Bosch make. I’d much rather my work be compared to Bosch instead of the usual Geiger/Dali etc references that I (can’t stand to )hear but wishing don’t make it so. This stuff is fun but rather cartoon-like.

    • AviSolomon says:

      Bosch is worth a revisit:

  7. Rich Keller says:

    I looked through all of his paintings on the site. There are comparisons to Bosch that can be made, particularly with the Carnival of Flesh triptych. But I also see influences from other German and Low Country and even late medieval Italian painters.

    But the best comparison that I can come up with is with a painter that doesn’t even exist. These, more than anything else that I’ve seen are the closest in feel to what I imagined the paintings of Lovecraft’s Richard Pickman.

    It’s the unbridled wickedness, the lacivious expressions of the figures that are consorting with these the demonic… things that really make me think of something from an HPL story. Hutter did have a cityscape called Leng in one of the galleries. But more than anything else, it’s the human figures that are the most monstrous in his images.

  8. Liam Watts says:

    I spent a rather surreal hour looking through all the galleries on his site. Wow. That’s a very… interesting imagination. O_O As Rich Keller said, there are much better Bosch-esque works in his other image galleries. But, yeah, I think Lovecraft’s Pickman hits it right on the head!!

    In response to sarahnocal, indeed, he does have a lot of naked women; but, elsewhere on his site (especially the “incubus and succubus” gallery, he has a smattering of the naked (and tortured!) male form.

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