Full-back Garbage Pail Kids tattoo

Glen Goon Trevithick, a friend of Geekologie, had a highly detailed full-back Garbage Pail Kids inked. It's quite a piece.

Garbage Pail Kids (via Geekologie)


  1. See kids, this is why you have to trust your tatoo artist.

    “How’s it coming? Does it look like the dragon on the heavy metal album cover I brought?”

    “Oh yeah. Perfect match.”

  2. Oww. don’t you just love the monster? Seems like a nice guy, though perhaps he has some issues to work through.

  3. Rule no. 1: Never do anything permanent to your body in the name of style. Styles change and if permanent will end up dating you, something that you might want to downplay later down the road.

    1. Let’s see, we’ve got a star sleeve (albeit inverted), a Japanese style sleeve, and a Garbage Pail Kids full-back.  I think the boat has sailed on dated tattoos, for this individual at least.

    2.  Alternate Rule no. 1: Don’t make rules about what other people do with their bodies.

      Fear of future regret is a poor life compass and judging others is bad enough but to do so with little more than one image to base that judgement upon reveals far more about you than the person in the image.  As the old saying goes, “I can tell more about you from your reaction to my tattoos than you could ever tell about me from my tattoos.”  Did you happen to click through and notice that it is at least partially a nod to his son whose name is Ozzy?

      1.  You know what makes a poor life compass? Not the fear of future regret but ignoring the fact that future regret is a possibility. I know it’s nuanced but so is life.
        Relax. If you reread what I wrote I never said anything negative about the tats or the guy. I have no reaction to them except to point out how we can become subservient to styles and that’s boring. Imagine if you were born in 1940 and the barber gave you the slicked back pompadour of your dreams on the grounds that you had to wear it for the rest of your life. Oh yeah, that’s worth the future regret.

        1.  I will take you at your word that you meant no hate or denigration and I will concede that taken wholly unto itself your comment could represent nothing more than sincere & possibly even good advice, however I will also suggest that within the context of commenting upon someone else’s tattoo your implication of future regret would require a sociopathic level of disconnect to not be seen as negative. The problem is not, as you have stated hereafter, one of reading comprehension so much as it is a matter of you not recognizing that your words would be seen within the framework of the discussion wherein they were made.

          Also, I never said that one should not consider the possibility of future regret only that fear of it is a poor life compass – there is a significant difference.  When making permanent modifications to ones body it is always prudent to take time and make careful considerations for the future but that is not the same as being driven by fear – it is simply prudence. If you really only wanted to point out that subservience to style (and how exactly is a custom garbage pail kid tattoo being slavish to style in today’s culture?) is boring and ripe for regret then perhaps formulating a blanket rule on what people shouldn’t do with their bodies wasn’t the best format.  If anything, the fact that the bearer of this tattoo (who you have subsequently accused of making a martyr out of himself, which seems to further reveal your possible bias) took the time to modify the original in order to make it personal (the reference to his son) would imply that he has considered the future in planning this piece.

          Furthermore, on what are you basing your assumption that this tattoo was done for style? -particularly when it seems clearly to have been done for a love of the medium & referencing his son.

          As for your example of a permanent hairstyle, it is a very poor comparison but instead of going after its flaws as an analogy I think it better to simply point out that if the biggest regret you ever have to suffer is a lifelong hairstyle (which at at least one point you loved) then you are probably well ahead of the rest of humanity when it comes to regret.

          1.  Your response demands more from me than I have time for right now but just for starters, of course the tattoo was done for style. They’re no longer rogue. Hollywood starlets have tattoos. They are, in fact, in style.
            Your post is kind of hard to read but you make some points I like. But who’s sociopathic? Moi?
            I used the bad hair style analogy because somehow I suspect think the worst thing many of us have to regret are things like, I don’t know, defending the defenseless when we had the chance, maybe? Not voting? Walking out on our families? Not traveling to another country?  Not accepting the love from another when it was offered to us? You get my drift.

      2. Rule #3: if you don’t want commentary of you self expression, do it in private. If you want to do something some people will love, expect some people to not like it. It’s not their fault. Actually it’s one of the best things about human kind. When you do something that is designed to appeal to 1% of humans, don’t act surprised when 99% of folks say “that’s not for me.”

        Try not to cry about it.

      1.  Antinous et al, read carefully. I never dissed the tats or the guy. I could care less what he does with his body. Just made a simple observation about how things change. How it got spun into a rant about fear of future regret only speaks to the thin skin of some people who might be a little defensive.
        Look: I’d sure hate to have to be wearing the same outfit for the rest of my life. Is that so hard to understand? Believe me, the day will come when it won’t look so cool and you’re stuck with it.
        Yes, self  expression and experimenting is a great thing but someday things so permanent might not speak to where you are at a later time and god forbid  there’s ever an APB on the guy.
        Jeeze, I was just making a fashion statement. Chill.

        1.  Understand that what you have said here is being taken within the context of a discussion about someone’s tattoo.  You did not just make a simple observation – within this context you strongly implied that they would regret having gotten this tattoo.  You might hate wearing the same outfit for the rest of your life but for many people it is not only an acceptable, but a joyous & desirable state. You have provided no good reason or evidence for the blanket acceptance of your conjecture that it will be regretted in the future.  There is no need to chill or relax as the response has not even come close to being as overreaching as your assumptions & rule for other people 

          1.  I did suggest one day he might regret his tattoo. I didn’t critique his tattoo. Yes, it might be an enjoyable state for the net 60 years, but boring nevertheless. My only evidence is looking back to the past and things thought cool at the time. And the need to chill is in response to certain knee jerk reactions that can’t participate in simple discussions. If anyone wants to rule other people it’s you. Sorry.

          2.  Yeah, like how joyous it is for nuns and priests to be wearing the same outfit for life not to mention other religious based clothing dictates. Good for them but sadly lacking in the same freedom of expression tattoos give people. Me over reaching and assuming a need to rule other people? It is to laugh!

      2. Oh, there’s a quota to posting, no, responding to others on a thread? How very democratic.

      3. Life is all about choices. Unless you are perfect regret is part of the equation. Not to be feared but definitely something to be minimized.

        Off to get my Jar Jar face tattoo…

  4. thats me in the picture, i regret none of my tattoos, they all mean something to me,  funny how people become so brave commenting about other people when they are safely at home behind a computer screen, tattoos have pretty much changed my life for the better, i used to be a very shy, self conscious person and getting tattooed has taken all that away, I have been places and met so many lovely people that i never would have before i started getting tattooed , I wouldn’t change a thing in my life and i regret nothing, how many of you can say that ? , fuck all the haters and bedroom heros who are too scared about what other people think to actually live life the way they want to…….BUS WANKERS !!!

    1. It is right to do as you please and let the chips fall were they may. 

    2.  If that is, in fact you, I’m happy you’re happy but don’t make yourself into a martyr. There has been no hate here. If you’re willing to put photos on the internet of yourself for the world to see be prepared for some conversation, jokes, and criticism.

  5. The top of that star sleeve is killing me. It could have so easily been black background transitioning into overlaid and then tapering smaller black stars, rather than that awkward action-figure-arm cut-off with un-inked armpit notch. C’mon, tat designer, what were you thinking?!

    1. Yes, and that’s part of the fun if people can discuss it like adults and not like whiny, defensive, closed minded (yes, closed minded), humorless d—s. And don’t get me started on reading comprehension. 

  6. is it just me or does this wildly tattooed dude have one skinny arm one not so skinny arm?
    when you’re not getting ridiculous tattoos do you arm wrestle?

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