Internet privacy: a hard bargain


One Response to “Internet privacy: a hard bargain”

  1. Ian Bicking says:

    “But given a large population making a large number of disclosures, harm is inevitable. We’ve all heard the stories about people who’ve been fired because they set the wrong privacy flag on that post where they blew off on-the-job steam.”

    I suppose given enough people it’s inevitable that *someone* is harmed, but that’s true for any risk (e.g., tea cozy-related accidents), and using anyone’s harm as the basis for risk analysis is bad analysis.  This general admonition of people for not considering future dangers offers no better course of direction than ignoring future danger.  If anything I’d say that privacy advocates have a worse record than the general public at predicting future risks – the risk is always around the corner, and never *here*, and the presence of new predictions of danger is used as evidence that past predictions of danger were correct.  A kind of “I was right to predict danger, because see: we’re all still scared!”

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