Mind Blowing Movies: El Topo (1970), by Antero Alli


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  1. Marko B says:

    I will never forget the naked kid and his father riding a horse through a river of blood. A good thing to see this masterpiece on bluray

  2. Nawel says:

    I respect early Jodorowsky work (El Topo, The Sacred Mountain). It’s mindblowing. But his more recent “career” as a tarot reader and self appointed “guru”… well, not so much. 

  3. Eric Cashew Harding says:

    Bizarro flick, they don’t make em like this anymore. Heres a neat little mashup with Eagle Winged Palace, a trippy folk band from LA to check out. http://youtu.be/9pQqSlLozhI

  4. niktemadur says:

    Hell yeah!  As good as “The Wild Bunch” and “McCabe & Mrs Miller” are, for pure bang for your anti-western buck, nothing comes close to “El Topo”.

    Too bad this was in the greedy, spiteful, slimy hands of Allen Klein for so long, Christ was an asshole!

  5. I remember renting this out years ago when I was living with some squares.  We were watching the trailer first, and one of my flatmates asked what kind of film it was.  I didn’t even want to try to explain, so I just said “It’s a western”, figuring that would suffice at least until the freaky shit started.
    That very instant, the narrator of the trailer goes:
    Caught red-handed.

  6. In Jonathan Ross’ brilliant and indispensable “For One Week Only” segment about Jodorowsky, the director explains that he was unable to make a western, so he made an eastern… http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=lPqmBiTVkYQ#t=576s

  7. smegoid says:

    As great as El Topo was, The Holy Mountain caused twice as many brain explosions. I think the cinematography and sets lured me in more than the endless desert (even with phallic cacti). Of course, the movie that really would have blown us all to pure brain bits would have been Jodorowski’s Dune. We need a kickstarter project to 1) build a time machine and 2) go back and fund the remainder of the movie.

  8. tyrsalvia says:

    Antero, I want to thank you for introducing me to this film on the Art Ship so many years ago. It is indeed a mind-blowing film. I’m glad you’re able to post here and share it with so many others.

    As an aside, I once looked up the reviews of this film to see what critics were saying about it. As with all great art, some people think it is absolutely brilliant and others think it completely horrendous. The reasons people give for not liking it are awfully revealing, and an object of curiosity all in themselves.

  9. mexican cheese says:

    I remember seeing this on the big screen as a little kid. I was maybe five or six, with my mother, in a cinema full of pysch majors. This could be why I find Batmans, Starwars, and other “blockbusters” boring. “El Topo” is awesome. It should be required viewing for all pre-teens. And, it should be said, you need to see it on a big screen, anything under a drive-in would be unjust.

  10. mixta says:

    For spanish speakers the whole movie is here: 
    Pretty decent print too

  11. VaughnMarlowe says:

    I also saw this at Berkeley, probably the same time Alli did. It was the first movie of a double feature in a little theater off campus. I remember the subdued but restless audience, the polite but puzzled attention given the screen, the silence at its ending, my date’s quiet and to me inexplicable tears…

    and then the audience eruption of loud cheering as the opening credits of Sergio Leone’s Once Upon A Time In The West flashed on the screen.  

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