Moe Pope mashed with Big D and the Kids Table

Mashup virtuoso djBC sez, "Here's a new mashup album- and it's legal. I merged the concious raps of Boston MC Moe Pope with the soulful 'Fluent In Stroll' record from Big D and the Kids Table. The result is probably one of my strongest efforts- an organic sounding record that is convincingly live sounding, as if Moe walked into the recording sessions at Camp Street. With the guest talents of Edo G, Dana Colley (formerly of Morphine), Maestro 1-Ton (Agari Crew), The Doped-Up Dollies, Project Move, and Christopher Talken. Thank you. I am extremely proud of this effort and I hope to get it in some ear holes."

Holy smokes this is good music.

dj BC presents FLUENT IN MOE (Thanks, djBC!)


  1. Great concept that I’ll have to check out. I’d be a tinge more excited if it were Strictly Rude, but Fluent in Stroll ain’t bad.

    1. Thanks, I hope you like it! FYI- “Strictly Mixed and Mashed” was a similar project I did with Big D, but using Strictly Rude and some other older tunes, like LAX.

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