MST3K robots in Lego

From 2009, an unsourced, but delightful re-creation of MST3K's Crow T Robot and Tom Servo, executed in Lego.

LEGO Crow and Tom Servo. (via Wil Wheaton)

Update: Christopher Doyle is the Legobots' creator; more photos here.


  1. Tom Servo’s head looks like it’s obscured by clouds. Doesn’t Lego make transparent bricks any more?

    1. Those are transparent blocks. 

      BTW, cute refernce.  One of my favorite albums of all time.

  2. Considering the fact that Crow and Servo were made out of stuff like gumball machines, tupperware,  bowling pins, slinkys  first-baseman’s gloves, etc. etc., it seems very (umm… I don’t know – meta?) to recreate them in LEGO.  I’m impressed, yet nonplussed.

    1. I remember coming across discussions on the internet about how to build the MST3K robots years and years ago (probably back when the show was still airing… I was 13 when it ended in 1999 and had been obsessed with it during the SciFi channel era). People tracked down which specific items you needed – most of which were just things the creators of the show originally just had lying around and which are essentially impossible to find. 

      The robots used on the show underwent a couple of minor changes through the years – not sure if it’s because they couldn’t find replacement parts though. I know that at some point they made molds of all the parts so that they could make their own replacements. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s someone out there who made their own molds after spending years sourcing the original pieces, and who probably sells kits with all the parts you need.

      My point is that it’s probably actually easier to recreate them in LEGO than to find all the parts you need – with something like this the parts have to be perfect or it’s obviously off. If you do it in a different medium, then minor variation is fine :)

  3. So… where are we all on this LEGO, Lego, Legos… nomenclature these days? 
     Just stirring up the hornet’s nest.  :p

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