Religious statues in superhero costumes

In a series called Hagiographies, an Italian artist called Igor Scalisi Palminteri reinterprets the pantheon of saints by repainting religious statuettes as superheroes. They're really very well done.

Igor Scalisi Palminteri: Superhero Saints (via Super Punch)


  1. This is cool, reminds me of the work of Jason Yarmosky, which is even cooler because it’s real art. Not this 21st century “new aesthetic” bullshit where you take other people’s work and fart on it a little and call it art. Thanks a lot, Andy Warhol. /rant

    Anyway, check it out:

  2. For those need to believe in something Super Heroes are as good Super Daddy in the sky I guess…

  3. reminds me of some of byron werner’s things from awhile back, lots of fun. here’s an example from the nuart theater in west L.A.

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