Video: A Brief History of Video Games

Digital creative agency Reverse Enginears' "A Brief History of Video Games" is a delightful companion piece to our own Rob Beschizza's modern classic "Game Deaths."


  1. Not much of a history of video games if it doesn’t mention Doom. Or Quake. Or World of Warcraft. I guess it’s just a history of coin-op and console games.

  2. Needs more Tetris :)

    Also, Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo is the most awesomest puzzle game that I have ever played. If you haven’t tried it, the Game Genie weeps for you.

  3. Not bad at all. Quite good. But the comparison with Game Deaths is only true at the bare surface. 

    Rob’s Game Deaths was a majestical work of great majesty. A true tribute to the lost 19A0’s and 80’s. It could be watched hundreds of times. Indeed — I just showed it to my wife not three days ago. I have a lump in my throat every time I watch it.

  4. Nice montage, but as mentioned it’s terribly console-centric. There’s 30 years of PC games that go untouched, from Lode Runner to Populous to Half-Life.

    “Video games” is becoming too vague a descriptor, even though a huge chunk of the general public still treat them all as one thing. Saying you play games is like saying you listen to music or you eat food. They’re ubiquitous in home entertainment, social sites, cell phones…and people are embracing the idea that they don’t all have to be an FPS or MMO. Seeing my mom get hooked on Angry Birds was pretty great.

    The concept of a “gamer” is shifting from a weirdo who likes that thing to an aficionado of a medium that’s open to everybody.

  5. More like a brief history of Mario & Street Fighter.  Not my game history at all.

  6. I would like to add Unreal Tournament classic to the list of missed games. Street fighter used to much, not enough Mortal Combat.
    Heavy emphasis on consoles wasn’t necessarily a bad thing until you claimed to all video games.

  7. Maybe it didn’t have your favorite game it it because the creator was trying to make a music vid and not a rundown of the games you liked. 

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