Shell's model oil rig spurts something nasty over guest at party (Update: Hoax!)

At a private party hosted by Shell Oil, a model rig malfunctioned and spooged its dark ichor all over a guest. "I can't turn it off!" says one hapless organizer. Adds another: "Why are you filming? Can I have that phone, please?" [Read more: Occupy Seattle]

Update: If you thought the irony too delicious for words, you were right: it's a hoax! Gawker's Adrian Chen got to the bottom of it.


    1. Good call. “The domain name server is, a lefty-radical hosting company which was also used by notorious pranksters the Yes Men to host a fake Bank of America website back in April” (From the already posted Gawker article:

  1. I’m awarding bonus points to Rob Beschizza for the phrase “spooged its dark ichor”. That phrase will linger in my memory; I just hope I can come up with other opportunities to use it.

  2. Something isn’t quite right. The old lady screaming, but not moving out of the liquid stream. The slight overacting. The shaky-cam initial shot out the window to show they really are at the Space Needle. I’m not going to shout “fake”, but I suspect agrovista may be correct.

  3. I spotted this as fake the second i watched, not sure how someone could fall for it.  You really think that thing spouted oil with perfect comic timing and placement?

  4. “Why are you still filming?”—

    Because i can, i want to and this is America, this ain’t Havana or Pyongyang. Have a good day, now GTFO of my face!.

  5. “Awwwwwwwww”   Priceless.  (Yes, I read that it’s a fake, but still.  Well done, gentlemen (and ladies).  Well done!)

  6. I like what Shell says at the end of their statement (affirming this wasn’t an actual Shell sponsored event):

    We continue to focus on a safe exploration season in 2012.

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