Toy bunny saved from oncoming train

A stuffed toy bunny escaped dismemberment Wednesday when transport workers in Boston halted an oncoming train.

Nummy, right, "somehow jumped" out of 3-year-old owner Roozle's stroller at Green Street station in the Jamaica Plain neighborhood, according to a blog post written by Roozle's mom, Casey Carey-Brown. Carey-Brown found a nearby rail guard, who informed colleagues that something was on the tracks. By the time the distraught youngster and her mom got back to the train platform, all was well.

"The conductor of the next train, in the middle of rush hour, had stopped the train, picked Nummy up and put her back on the platform for us," wrote Carey-Brown. "MBTA, you really didn’t have to do what you did today, but you have made a little three year old incredibly happy."

The Day the MBTA Saved a Bunny and a Little Girl’s Heart [Life with Roozle]