Catcopter artist explains all

In the event that you were wondering about the motives of the Dutch artist Bart Jansen, who attained notoriety by taxiderming his dead cat and retrofitting its corpse to serve as a quadcopter, wonder no more. The CBC's As It Happens recorded an interview with Mr Jansen, and it is one of the strangest, finest interviews in that show's august history. The producers were kind enough to provide us with an MP3 for your listening pleasure.


  1. That was an wonderfully bent interview. 

    And it delights me to live in a world where a man honors his beloved dead cat by turning it into a helicopter and using it to frighten cows.

  2. I was rather offended by it, as that quad flies with no grace or style.  No living feline would ever move with so clumsily.  It is disrespectful to the cat.

    1. These are early days in the study of feline aerodynamics.  Bart Jansen has to be given credit for furthering our knowledge, but obviously, more work needs to be done.

  3. Seems like the interviewer wants him to say something scary/embarrassing at one point but then goes back to normal as Jansen replies intelligently and concisely.

  4. I can’t be the only person who wishes the catcopter had a conventional chopper layout with feet for skids and a rotor on his outstretched tail.

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