Friday Freak-Out: Gabor Szabo's jazz raga "Walking On Nails" (1967)

 System Release Images 0000 3971 Gaborszabo Thumb 325 Friday Freak-Out: From 1967, Hungarian musician Gabor Szabo's psychedelic guitar/sitar experimental jazz number "Walking On Nails." (Video unrelated to original song.) It's on Szabo's Impulse! album Jazz Raga -- an influential melding of eastern influences, Latin rhythm, pop-rock, and trippy groove -- that was lovingly reissued in 2010 by Light In The Attic. It also features a funky cover of the Rolling Stones' "Paint It Black." Gabor Szabo's "Jazz Raga" (Amazon)


  1. I first heard Gabo in 1985 on KLSU radio in Baton Rouge. There was an amazing crew of student and faculty DJ’s including Dr. Death and Dr. Jazz.  I think a vinyl head named Miles played this.  I later found “The Sorcerer” and my mind was blown. Fan ever since.

  2. My dad had Gabor Szabo records when I was a kid in the ’70s and we loved them.  I need to find some of those platters and spin them again.  This music is just so much fun.

  3. Any idea what the video is from?  It obviously has no relationship to Szabo, I’d be curious to see it with the original music.  (The same with some of the other videos this youtube poster has used.)

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