Mind Blowing Movies: Middle Men (2009), by Paul Krassner


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  1. woodly says:

    Jesse Jane.

    And I’m out.

  2. John says:

    Another really interesting tidbit: Mallick allegedly stole the money he used to make middlemen from the users of his pre-paid card service, ePassporte. 

    ePassporte went belly-up right after the movie failed, and its users claim that millions of dollars were never re-paid to them.


    Mallick has been sued by ePassporte users and ePassporte’s former managing director for failing to re-pay account holders and muli-million dollar loans.

    Try googling “Chris Mallick” and you’ll find some very interesting results.

    • HOPE says:

      The movie flopped big time.  A real dud.
       It seems like the Producer was trying to make a film to rewrite his own real bio and history and also get back at the real founders of the company that fired him called Paycom.   Right after the movie flopped, the guy Christopher Mallick had his company shut down by his bank.   Try go0gling “christopher mallick” or “Oxymoron Entertainment” and you’ll also find some interesting results.   Also found this biography, worth a look.  http://jchristophermallick.blogspot.com/

  3. marilove says:

    I know some of the people this movie is based on, lol – more specifically, their direct competitors, I guess.  I have a weird connection to one of the most popular third-party billing companies in the world, based here in Phoenix.

    Also, they filmed part of Middle Men in my ghetto-tastic apartment complex back in 2008 or so.  I drove up around 9pm, thinking one of my meth-head neighbors had finally blown up the block, because there were huge lights and people and a cop directing traffic … only to find they were filming a movie.  “It’s has Luke Wilson in it!”

    I went upstairs and Googled it, and was not at all surprised to find out it was about the porn industry with a side of the Mob.  Of course they were using my crappy apartment complex to film such a movie!  Of course!

    Then I dug deeper and realized my other connections to the business … and yeah, that was a weird night. I have also long since moved into a much nicer place.

  4. Andrew S. says:

    The set up of that movie made it sound like a really good time, but ultimately it was kind of boring. I also read that the main character is based on TWO guys put together instead of one. I’m not sure why they couldn’t have just cast another actor and written it more closely to how it happened, but there you go…

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