Mind Blowing Movies: Popee the Performer (circa 2000), by Lars Martinson

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Mind Blowing Movies: Popee the Performer (circa 2000), by Lars Martinson

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Popee 930px 1

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  1. I’m just waiting for someone to choose Vulgar the Clown as one of the mind bending movies.

  2. YES! I love Popee! Kedamono is my favorite; there’s so much mystery surrounding him.

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I was introduced to Popee years ago and could never find the bizarreness again because I couldn’t remember the name.

    Yes,  indeedy, it will blow your mind.

  4. In the Christmas and New Year period of 05/06 I spent two weeks in Japan with my then-fiancee who was there on the JET program.  One night we had dinner at the home of a teacher from the school where she was based.  Afterwards, the teacher’s university-aged daughter produced these DVDs of something called “Popee the Clown” which we sat and watched for over an hour.

    I’d watched a lot of anime before, but this was some of the weirdest, most awesome whacked out stuff I’d ever seen!  I’ll never forget my Japanese Night of Popee™.

  5. I like how they gave him (?) boxer shorts, rather than just the standard cartoon animal featureless crotch. Just that added bit of odd.

    Edit: That was supposed to be in response to zarray. Posting is weird tonight.

  6. In the “Ghost” episode (the second video), the episode begins with several seconds sampled directly from Moonlit City Roa, from the Legend of Mana soundtrack by Yoko Shimomura. That game had only been published in Japan in July, 1999, so it would’ve been a fairly timely (if not well-known) little insert.

  7. wow. good recommendation dude.
    This boggles my mind in places I didn’t even know I had boggles.

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