Missing: King Kong's headphones

 Police Pressreleases 2012 06June Images Headphones

Someone stole these giant headphones from a bus shelter in in Halifax County, Nova Scotia. According to police, "Given the size, it is believed that two or more people are responsible for the theft." Or one big ape. In any case, I bet they sound much better than the stock 'phones that come with this giant Walkman. (via Fortean Times)


    1. Campuses. There are several universities plus colleges, etc. in Halifax. Every day of  the year, including those in winter, you can see a corn-fed boy wearing shorts downtown. 

  1. The cynic in me says that the headphones being stolen and returned was an attempt to make their campaign go viral/get news coverage. I hate my cynic.

      1. That’s….dignified. Sounds a bit like “assistant deputy backup courier”.

      1. That delicate satin-draped frame (That was polyester I know a fabric when I taste it)
        As it clung to her thigh (What the ape shit?)
        How I started to cry (I’d cry to if I had ape shit stuck to my leg)
        ‘Cause I wanted to be dressed just the same.  (Kick that dick!)

  2. There is no such thing as Halifax County anymore – it’s HRM (Halifax Regional Municipality), or Halifax if you don’t care for a mouthful. 

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