Internet freedom activists arrested/detained after Internet freedom conferences


8 Responses to “Internet freedom activists arrested/detained after Internet freedom conferences”

  1. There are even more than you realize who are victims of this, for example in Bahrain, Kuwait, Russia, and many other countries. 

  2. P.S. And it’s NOT a coincidence! 

  3. Sagodjur says:

    There are consequences for implying, much less outright stating, that the emperor is wearing no clothes (while he violates basic liberties and human rights).

  4. digi_owl says:

    Not sure what the point of converting the fine into USD is, as the resultant sum makes the fine look pointless. Much better if they had used the local currency and added a line about the average salary.

  5. Boundegar says:

    If the people start demanding freedom, the terrorists have already won.

  6. Big, big difference between the arrest of an Egyptian or Russian blogger for actually blogging, and detention of Jacob Appelbaum on investigation of charges for inciting and abetting theft of stolen classified cables.

    • Antinous / Moderator says:

      Inciting and abetting theft of classified info? Why that’s practically mass murder.

    • scav says:

      There may be. It’s hard to tell what you are implying about what that difference is. IMO, one of the countries involved should fucking well *know better* than to act like that.

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