Mind Blowing Movie: Chameleon Street


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  1. Finnagain says:

    This sounds good, but I only track down movies where the review makes me cry.

  2. ChuckTV says:

    Not tagged correctly. Doesn’t appear on the list of mind-blowing movies.

  3. Cowicide says:

    Noah, do you know where we can buy a copy of this? I’ve never seen this before in my life… wow…

    I am going to sample the living shit out of this.  THANK YOU.

    • noah django says:

       Jake0748 says it’s available on Amazon Instant Video.  I acquired my copy by more…  creative avenues.  As always, google is your friend.

      As for sampling, you’re about 12 or 13 years late to the party, but by all means, do your thing:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rlCJbFGOeRo

      I’m glad you like the film, Cowicide.  Your commentary here on BB has provided lotsa knowledge and many lulz over the years.

  4. Thanks. This is a great and much overlooked film.

    • noah django says:

       totally.  I simply could not stay silent during Mind Blowing Film Week, I had to write this up.  As you know, to have seen this film is to carry a serious torch for this film.

  5. Jake0748 says:

    Chameleon Street is available on Amazon Instant Video.  I’m not sure what that service is exactly (I mean, they print and mail you a dvd, you download it, or what).  For 9 bucks.  I’m seriously tempted.

  6. Flashman says:

    I remember seeing this at a cinema in Montreal, 1991 or thereabouts. I’ve always been puzzled by how it seems to have vanished and been forgotten – apparently not by everybody though!
    The bit I always chuckle about is when he’s pretending to be able to speak French at some function, and he’s just talking complete nonsense – like, “J’accuse… j’accuse Jacques Cousteau…” to actual French people until one of them says, totally deadpan, “vous ne parlez pas francais.”

  7. show me says:

    Thing is, they actually sort of DID remake this with Will Smith. It’s called “Six Degrees of Separation.”

  8. kmoser says:

    I had forgotten how long theatrical trailers used to be.

  9. Thank you VERY MUCH for your love and support of our movie.
    We’ve shared this with Wendell and he’s overjoyed.

    For those wanting to own the film, we are available on Amazon.com on DVD and Digital Download.

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