eBook Review: From Hither to Yon


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  1. nox says:

    We’re the shitty part of history that no one wants to visit.

  2. someoneElsesUserName says:

    I would love to buy this book, but I am not sure how. I don’t buy electrons with DRM. I also don’t pirate or copy my ebooks for others. Is there any way I can get a copy of this (PDF or EPUB) DRM free?
    Sorry for the off-topic post.

    • I’ve been looking for a non-Kindle version and can not find one. My googling skills may be weaker than yours. If you find it, please post it in the comments here or email me and I’ll update the post. 

    • Jake0748 says:

       I’ve been borrowing ebooks from my local library.  Maybe you could convince yours to order a copy so you could borrow it.

  3. gellfex says:

    I’m certain the only thing I would hate more than time travel stories themselves is a book about time travel stories. I’ve been an SF fan for 40 years, and I’ve concluded time travel is mostly a crutch for a writer short of actual inventive ideas. It’s just too easy, and since they never really make any sense the credibility bar is low if not nonexistent, making it a fantasy rather than SF element. 

    In my opinion, time travel is on par with the “evil twin” and “amnesia” story lines as the last refuges of the lame writer. It tells all that Star Trek relied so heavily on all 3 them.  When you can have an entire galaxy full of strange aliens, technology and cultures, why would you have to return to the past for a viable plot?  Most of my favorite contemporary SF authors have avoided relying on this low hanging, but ultimately unnourishing, fruit.

  4. That is because Time-Travel can explain pretty much anything. Look at the International Union of Time Travelers:

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