Kate Wilhelm and Ray Bradbury on the StarShipSofa podcast

Tony Smith from StarShipSofa sez,

Today, StarShipSofa has two of the greats from the SF genre on its show. In July 2010 I carried out an interview with Ray Bradbury - being wet behind the ears at the time and pushing my luck... I asked the question "Are you a science fiction writer?" The speed with which he replied "No," was such a highlight to me.

We also have the amazing novelette by Kate Wilhelm called The Bird Cage, published in The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, January-February 2011 edition. Kate Wilhelm is one of the true legends in the SF field. In 1976 she won the Hugo Award for Where Late The Sweet Bird's Sang, which is a truly great novel of the genre. Kate has now set up InfinityBox Press, her own publishing company, created by Kate and her sons Richard and Jon, and daughter-in-law Sue, as a way for Kate to become independent from egregious contracts instituted by the major six publishers - it's become untenable for authors, even those with sterling track records such as hers.

StarShipSofa No 242 Kate Wilhelm Part 1 (Thanks, Tony!)