Kevin Kelly's 1 second/day video of Asia


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  1. pizzicato says:

    It is not really whole of Asia is it… Like I when visit North American. Can only see Taiwan, Thailand, Bali.  Feels a bit cheated.

  2. Ich finde das video nicht schlecht zumal man immer wieder das Gegenteil sieht also ein wenig Kunst ist schon dabei 

    • TheMudshark says:

      Writing in a language that most BB readers don´t understand doesn´t make your post more interesting.

      • Bob N Johnson says:

        Being rude in a language most bb readers read doesn’t make your post less petty.

        P.S. This is so wonderful I think I could have watched three minutes of it no problem.

  3. WaylonWillie says:


  4. SamSam says:

    I think thats’s great — it’s a great way to be able to re-live the experiences you had, more so than stills.

    When I went to Bali (I recognize a lot of it in that video) I filmed a lot of video on my digital camera. I never watch it. When flipping through a hundred or more photos, who stops to watch 4 minutes of rice paddies? But cut up so that a video is just a slightly-extended still, you get a lot of the atmosphere and sounds of the place without feeling like you’re sitting through something.

    Of course, this could just be the ADD generation. But I don’t remember my parents or friends’ parents ever sitting down to watch extended videos of their vacations either.

    (It all makes me wish for a Harry Potter photo system and digital album, where all the “photos” are continuously moving just slightly. It still bugs me out that the best Apple minds couldn’t work that video should play in situ in iPhoto, instead of QuickTime firing up…)

  5. I love it. You now know how it feels to have ADHD. :)   (I’m only partially kidding.)

  6. Seriously says:

    What a cool Idea.

  7. This is beautiful. He clearly has an eye for the remarkable that’s nested within the quotidian.

  8. It roars by, yet feels completely unrushed. Love it. This format of thumbnail travelogue should have a name. I vote for Blipelogue.

  9. wekim says:

    May I suggest

  10. Nagurski says:

    That’s a perfect travel video format. Just enough from each scene to let you construct your own imagined story of what came before and after.

  11. Emo Pinata says:

    Footage of Taiwan and no Pili?

  12. Uhclem says:

    So how does two months @ one sec/ day add up to 104 seconds? Jus’ sayin’

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