Real-life Portal adventure


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  1. ivanisdead says:

    This is so rad!

  2. timquinn says:

    I counted thirteen kinds of awesome. That was just the first viewing. Nice work fellas.

  3. jimh says:

    So cool! Well done!

  4. robuluz says:

    Totally brilliant. Concept, timing, tone, execution. Flawless. Best thing I’ve seen in ages.

  5. mrmrdean says:

    Bravo Gentleman, I salute you!

  6. bcsizemo says:

    I thought he did a great job, even if the free falling thing is made to look easier then it really is to do in the game.  I’m also partial to these guys:

  7. snipehunt says:

     Amazing.  I like that the script is such a relatable jerk-pranks story.

  8. Boundegar says:

    I shared this with my son, a world-ranked Portal fanatic.  He approved.  ^_^

  9. eithion says:

    think geek sells a pretty good gun replica

  10. Zod says:

    eff’n awesome!!!

  11. Lol. Like really.

    Excellent how the situation near the end got resolved without a fatality ;)

  12. slowtiger says:

    Give this guy a budget! This was more fun than any season of any series this year.

  13. Over the River says:

    Very well done.

  14. daneyul says:


  15. LaylaSV says:

    Real people getting up to the kind of normal shenanigans one would, if gifted with magically delicious technology. This is awesome. 

    (sidebar: I want a word or phrase to be invented that has the same connotation as the phrase “deus ex machina” but that could be deployed to cover the purely science-based goodness when super advanced technology [from the future, from aliens, from NASA] makes a sudden , dramatic appearance in a story.)

  16. snakedart says:

    Okay, I know you can order a portal gun from Valve, but … where did he get moon-dust infused interior latex paint?

  17. garyg2 says:

    Just great. Hope he has a bright future in the industry, scifi tv/film needs his ideas.

  18. AquaDad says:

    So clever! The visual tricks were such a treat. I thought the gun was real! 
    I haven’t played Portal 2 for several months and I had forgotten how one gets out of the falling “loop”.  That just killed me when he went outside and (spoiler alert) shot him into the sky and then off the side of the house.  Seamless and hilarious! Good stuff, Maynard.

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