Sony RX100: small camera, big sensor


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  1. No, it’s not a DSLR sized sensor.  Read the review you linked, it’s accurately reported there. 

    • Thank you, for some reason I’d gotten it in my head it was the same as the one in Sony’s NEX cameras. 

      • Xuth says:

        Well, the sensor’s not tiny either (~13mm x 9mm active).  This has a lot of what I’m looking for in pocket camera but comes from a company I’ve learned to despise (don’t support modifications to the hardware/firmware if you’d like but being litigious about keeping your hardware closed is not an endearing trait.  And there’s lots of other things to hate beyond this).

        I wish more companies would put full featured cameras in smaller packages (with all of the compromises that that entails but the interface and quick access to full manual controls doesn’t have to be one of those things).  I’ll probably need to get my hands on one to try it out.

  2. SamSam says:

    How does it compare to the excellent Canon S90 (or the newer S95)? 

    I bought the S90 partly after excellent answers on this site about which pocket-sized camera I should buy to complement/replace my SLR, and have loved it ever since.

    Edit: D’oh, most of the review is about comparing it to the S95… Results: it seems that when you have a nice large sensor, it can actually be nice having more pixels. The comparison shots showed significantly more detail than the S100, and better results at high ISOs. The controls also seem to give more professional options, at the cost of some complexity. The colors are slightly muted compared to other cameras, but hey, for me that’s just ⌘-U and bump the saturation….

  3. vonriesling says:

    It is not a one inch sensor apparently. Sony is just calling it that. Still an intriguing and pricey camera.

  4. Donaleen Kohn says:

    I still have a grudge against Sony.  I don’t even remember all the details but rootkits and such.    It’s interesting how the grudge can outlast the memory.

  5. perch says:

    Yeah… my RB67′s sensor is still bigger, do I win? Oh, film doesn’t count? Fuddy-duddy!? Why I never…

    (Now that it’s full-effect summer, I’m getting buff carrying it around everywhere all the time)

    • mccrum says:

       They sell neck straps to those these days.  Unless you’re always carrying a tripod as well, in which case, good on you!  Monochrome for the win!

  6. Promit Roy says:

    Could be a really nice, sane alternative to the comically oversized G1X. I’m fairly addicted to mirrorless ILCs at this point though…

  7. Emil Cazamir says:

    The F/1.8 lens will definitely make a difference!

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