"Tales of the San Francisco Cacophony Society": history of influential culture jammers

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Launched in 1986, the Cacophony Society is a highly-influential, "randomly gathered network of free spirits united in the pursuit of experiences beyond the pale of mainstream society." This underground collective of pranksters, culture jammers, and thrill-seekers birthed Burning Man, inspried Chuck Palahniuk’s Fight Club, and freaked out the squares with their proto-flash mobs of SantaCon. Soon, their secret history will be revealed in a gorgeous new book by BB pal John Law, Carrie Galbraith, and Kevin Evans. "Tales of the San Francisco Cacophony Society" will be lovingly published in November by Last Gasp, who have just posted teaser images on their blog. And if you've never heard of the Cacophony Society before, don't fret. You may already be a member.

"Tales of the San Francisco Cacophony Society"


  1. These people are anarchists. They should be arrested and locked up and put away. Kept away from normal society.

    They should not be immortalized in book form. Because that leads to the normalization of their insane ideology. The next thing you know, this punk rock music that so many of them probably love will be used to sell Subarus and credit reporting services.

    Soon, it might even become square to be hip. So many of these seditious ideas about the freedom of acting outside the norm will become the norm. Selling out is just buying in and so much of this hideous counter-cultural nonsense will soon be creeping into our everyday lives. Can you imagine these horrible, incorrigible anarchists advertising for positions in their bizarre business models? How sad for our society if something called “Burning Man” could have PR reps responsible for marketing such a hedonistic display of Satanic anarchism to our children!

    Shame on you all for bringing this garbage into normal society, thereby lowering normal society’s standards for what is alternative and worthy of critique and jamming.

    Damn you all, and hail Eris.


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